Copenhagen Art Festival presents: TRUST, a unique event in Denmark‘s cultural scene. The most remarkable contemporary art and public spaces introduce 41 artistic position with „trust“ as keyword on August 29–October 25.

The slogan One exhibition, five venues defines the determination of 5 Copenhagen Kunsthalles to review what contemporary art looks now on the international scale and heighten visibility of the process on the local scene. Copenhagen Art Festival was first launched in 2012 with 5 different exhibitions and their concepts, as for today all collaborators have expressed their trust in the Belgian curator Sonia Dermience who not only introduced joint exhibition concept, but also spread out the event across public spaces, such as pizzeria, fashion boutique, radio station, etc.

Having in mind the historical background and the concept of the festival, the main venues were renamed The TempleThe PalaceThe StudioThe Exchange and The Salon. In the interview with renowned curator and critic Tokke Lykkeberg S. Dermience pointed out her emphasis on integrating the art spaces into everyday life and redescovering the new city landscape. The TRUST map was released with renamed buildings as dominant elements. The contemporary art is being manipulated in spaces according to their archetypical images  – it becomes the part of a worship, it is exalted, researched, the processes are exchanged; finally, the art is set in the bourgeois Salon.

Lithuanian artist Marija Griniuk has guided Arthesis through The Studio (Den Frie Contemporary Art Center), where she works with educational projects. Residing in Kopenhagen already for six years, Marija has returned to Lithuania at the beginning of 2015 with her solo shows: “The Edge/Riba“ (National M. K. Čiurlionis Art Museum, Ceramics museum) and “Construction“ (Kaunas City Museum, Kaunas Castle). Together with her creative team, M. Griniuk presented exhibitions “Anti-Asger“, “Extract“ and “Take a Bite of Vilnius“ project “re-FORMAT“ (Užupis Art Incubator, gallery “Kalnas“) in summer 2015.

Together with Marija, we have reviewed the creative studios of Martin Erik Andersen (DK), Maiken Bent (DK), Ilja Karilampi (DE/SE), Steiner Haga Kristensen (NO/UK), Adriana Lara (MX), Laure Prouvost (BE) and Benjamin Valenza (FR).

Copenhagen Art Festival
Rugpjūčio 29–spalio 25, 2015

The Studio, Den Frie Contemporary Art Center

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