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Akvilė Poškutė



2010 – 2014 Painting, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania

Lives and works in Laukiškės, Prienai district, Lithuania

The works of a your painter Akvile Poshkute can be recognized from a soft, rich, multi-stroke and subdued, as if covered with a veil earthly colors.

In her works artist remains close to the domestic motifs. She is interested in an almost self-evident things or phenomena. Attention to the details of environment in the still-life oil paintings creates sensitive, autoreflexive pictorial narratives that raise questions about the mode of life and a human existence. These two concepts are intertwined in the present author’s works.

The author, based on the sense of smell, sight, taste, tactile sensations, recreates the carnal experiences of depicted object and allows a viewer to enjoy the present moment. The works that remind of a Impressionistic manner show the artist’s attention to color and light. Due to careful creative examination of these two components sometimes still lives turn into landscapes, break away from a rational perspective and take on the features of abstraction. Despite of impressionistic surface, compositional solutions and not an accidental construction of image in a two dimensional plane are very important.

The artist represents everyday life in a poetic way which helps to highlight the concept of existential household which is used in the artist’s works.


2014 “A Man in a Room”, art salon “Largo”, Kaunas, Lithuania


2015 “// lines“, organiser ARTHESIS (curator Vaida Stepanovaitė), gallery “Meno forma“, Kaunas, Lithuania

2014 “Clay and Oil” with ceramists Laima Mačiulaitytė and Rolandas Bortkūnas, Senoji Gegužinė village, Lithuania

2014 “Art Cells”, curator Arvydas Šaltenis, Vilnius Academy of Arts, The Old Palace, Vilnius, Lithuania

2014 Exhibition “The Doorstep“ of Plein-air in Šilavotas, Lapės showroom, Kaunas, Lithuania


2013 Exhibition of art pieces presented for the Painting and graphic competition for Edvard Munch 150th anniversary, The Old Chamber of Vilnius Academy of Arts, Vilnius, Lithuania

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