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Dominykas Gutauskas


Graphics, wood assemblage

2006 – 2010 Applied graphics, Bachelor’s degree,  Vilnius Academy of Arts Kaunas Faculty, Lithuania

Wood assemblages by Dominykas Gutauskas combine elements of painting, graphics and sculpture are distinguished by their spontaneity and dynamic presentation of peculiar reality. Artist actively plays with various geometric shapes, decorative graphical patterns and sizes thus creating an organic whole. Highly active component is the color which is highlighted in the contrasting planes and small details that supplement them.

Gutauskas in his works uses frames captured from the environment transforming them stylistically. The artist is interested in how people change or do not change what environment they create around them, interested in their creative side.

In the works of this young artist the choice of wood as a creative material is essential; due to it the works acquire its sculpturesquesness. A dynamic presentation of the material refers to the the author’s creative process as an action of an expressive puzzle, in order to capture the images arisen in his mind. The experiments with different materials allow obtaining a sort of rippling surface that is distinguished by its processuality. The concentration of fragmented planes to a smooth, homogenous whole reveals the stories that are told in each art piece of D. Gutauskas, the stories that are waiting to be extended by a viewer independently.

D. Gutauskas’ creations fascinate by the scrupulousness of their details, their particularly aesthetic presentation, a precise completeness of a form and a persuasiveness of a worldview that they create. The artist for some time now follows a clear creative line, advancing his searches in the artistic field created by himself.


2015 “Electric Shepherd“, “POST” gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania

2014 “Picnic”, “Balta” gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania


2013 International exhibition “Same difference”, “Post” gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania

2013 “Loftas Fest” art zone, Loftas art centre, Vilnius, Lithuania

2012 Woodcarving exhibition “Ksilo”, Vilnius Academy of Arts exhibition space “Titanikas”, Vilnius, Lithuania


2015 The Lithuanian Council for Culture, State Grant for Culture and Art Creators


Jacytė, A. The Colorful Universe of the Wooden Blocks. Šiaurės atėnai, 2015 01 30 http://www.satenai.lt/2015/01/30/spalvotosios-kaladeliu-visatos/

Morozovaitė, R. Electric Shepherd and the Lambs of Ideas. Kauno diena, 2015 01 18 http://kauno.diena.lt/naujienos/kaunas/menas-ir-pramogos/elektrinis-piemuo-ir-ideju-avys-670026#.VLt9lyuUfIY 

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